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Man that stings!

Somehow, this October became “See a doctor of the week” for me. Well actually, I know exactly how it happened. First, I put it off for months because I was busy. Which is true. My annual physical was supposed to be in February and I finally did that two weeks ago. I am no less busy and I somehow found a little time. Also, it’s October and our sizable deductible has been met by the annual mishaps of the family – concussions, broken legs, etc. etc.

Anyway, I digress. Today was the final appointment with the dermatologist. And it still stings. Have you ever had a dermatologist freeze your skin? She froze nine spots on my face. Nine!

I feel like Pinhead from HellRaiser. No wonder he was a bad guy. I’m feeling a little villainous myself. Full disclosure, I’ve never seen any of the HellRaiser series, but I can only imagine that all those nails are a tad bit uncomfortable.

I thought a lot about how to turn this into a leadership lesson, and there are a couple of lessons embedded in this little Halloween post.

First, sometimes a leader has to sting people. Whether you are a villain of a hero, the leader makes the hard choices that can cause others, or themselves, some pain. How many times have you wrestled with a decision, not because you unsure of what needed to be done, but because you knew some people would be hurt by your decision and you didn’t want to hurt anyone. Leadership demands the tough decision.

Which leads to reason number two: a little pain now will prevent serious issues later. My face was frozen to get rid of little areas that could turn into skin cancer if left untreated… maybe. But who wants to take that chance? So we also make the tough decision to try to prevent the bigger problem. That is our job, so we do it.

A short post today, but wanted everyone to think about that.

So if you need some help with those tough decisions, let me know. I’ve got the liquid nitrogen ready to help you with those spots you don’t see. It only hurts for a little bit.


Dr. Jeff


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